I got to hang out w/ most of the Red Sox the other night at the Mandarin Hotel in Boston, where I was able to dance to Dominican music, eat So. American authentic and most importantly, get autographs. It was cool.

We were guests at David Ortiz Children’s Fund fundraiser, and although I’m totally NOT a sports person, I have some little kids in my life who totally are. These boys love all 4 sports, but they’re particularly nuts about the Sox (shout out DANIEL + LIAM!).  So, naturally, I totally used this opportunity to become the ‘coolest aunt ever’. 


A few observations:

  • Craig Federighi seems like such a sweetie
  • Yosemite, the new OSX is launching in the fall and free
  • Continuity, while very cool, really only matters if your ‘all in’ with Apple, meaning you use all Apple all the time.
  • Introducing iCloud DRIVE (like Dropbox); let’s hope it executed well
  • We’ll be able to make and answer calls from our Mac
  • The new and improved SPOTLIGHT looks awesome
  • I would be backflipping about #MarkUp (ability to edit images in an email) if I didn’t hate MAIL so much
  • IOS 8 is competing just enough in slickness against Android (great new SIRI + KEYBOARD features) while maintaining Apple’s commitment to stability
  • I wish Apple would do MAIL + MAPS better so I could leave Google and do everything on 1 platform
  • Developers are today’s megastars - Apple spent much less time on them than Facebook at F8, but the new SDK and overall services to developers seemed more robust than other years. In past Developers were at Apple’s mercy, but the tables seem to be turning fast.